A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – Sept 4, 2023 – Ken Druse on Using Gold and Variegated Foliage

Every gardener has their obsessions—or maybe a nicer way to say that might be to call it their signature plants, the ones that help define their garden. I confess to a serious issue with gold-leaved things, and last time I checked, my friend Ken Druse had more than a few plants with variegated leaves of all kinds of daring patterns and hues that catch your eye in his New Jersey garden. 

Today’s topic is how those colorful leaves actually do very important jobs in our landscapes beyond just looking pretty. Regular listeners all know Ken Druse as an old friend, the author of 20 garden books including “The Scentual Garden” and “The New Shade Garden,” and an earlier book called “The Collector’s Garden” that figures into our subject today. And Ken is my co-creator of the Virtual Garden Club online series of classes that is marking its two-year anniversary this fall. 


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