A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – September 26, 2022 – Joe Lamp’l on Vegetable Success

Becoming a successful vegetable gardener involves a lot of trial and error. As the seasons pass we hopefully get better at it—harvesting not just food for the table, but food for thought too, insights gleaned along the way to guide us to improved outcomes in subsequent growing seasons.

I don’t know many more passionate vegetable gardeners than Joe Lamp’l, who has gathered what he’s learned in decades of growing his own food into a new book filled with advice for the rest of us. 

Joe Lamp’l is the creator of the long-running public television program, “Growing a Greener World,” and of the popular “Joe Gardener” podcast. Now he’s also author of the new book called “The Vegetable Gardening Book: Your Complete Guide to Growing an Edible Organic Garden from Seed to Harvest.”

It covers all that he’s learned from bountiful seasons, and from some tough ones, too, along the way.


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