Nancy Lawson on Weed-Fighting Natives – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – June 12, 2023

When I spoke to naturalist and nature writer Nancy Lawson recently about her adventures in wildscaping at her Maryland garden, there was one topic in particular that I wanted to double back to, and dig in deeper: her tactics for fighting unwanted weeds and invasives as we loosen up parts of our landscapes with more native plants. That’s our topic today: how to give the desired plants the edge – including some of the native perennials that have proven to be her allies in outcompeting the undesirables.

Nancy Lawson is author of The Humane Gardener and more recently of Wildscape, In it, she stresses that we are not alone out there, and promotes animal-friendly planting and maintenance strategies. She helps us tune in to everyone whose home it is through a mix of findings from scientific research papers and her own intimate moments making her own wildscape. 


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