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  1. Hey Marshall….I’m no fan of Odell Beckham, but if you are going to bring something up and bash someone, know the facts and don’t present half the story. Note, I’m NO fan of Beckham, but if you are only going to bring up what he said, you are wrong…this was on Mike Cozzi spot. Beckham’s response was in RESPONSE to a jab thrown at him by Gettelman….EVERYONE yesterday was on the side of Gettelman needs to clam up. HE is the one that started it and it had NOTHING to do about money or contract or anything…Gettelman took a jab at Beckham by insinuating that Beckham was bad for the locker room…Beckham simply replied that it was Gettelman who said that they were NOT trading him and there were no issues….Gettelman talked out of both sides of his mouth here and why he’s still talking about him is absurd…move on Gettelman…If you are going to talk about something, know what the facts are because you were completely inaccurate….

    • I am not inaccurate, I have praised OBJ forever, and I don’t consider what I said bashing……his twitter rage yesterday was absurd, and childish…. my grandmother had an old saying that I live by…..”Don’t get in a pissing contest with a pisser, all that happens is you wind up covered in piss”. Guess what…he ended up covered in piss. End of story…but thanks for your input, and reviews, believe it or not…it is appreciated.

      • Well, the only one who got covered in piss was Gettelman…EVERYONE said it and EVERYONE said he should not bother…which he should not…Again, this comment was SPECIFIC only to your comment and portrayal THIS MORNING. you only told half the story and mentioned nothing about Gettelman and what prompted OBJ…you made it sound like it was just OBJ…that’s all I’m saying…Gettelman doesn’t open his mouth, none of it happens…that wasn’t mentioned…we certainly KNEW what OBJ reaction would be…

      • You win! I thought mentioning that it was in response to the GM was enough…and maybe I said that AFTER the sports…..

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