A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – April 2 – Joe Lamp’l on DIY Cattle Panel Projects

I’m not the most DIY type ever, but my friend Joe Lamp’l promises me that even I, armed with a $20 bolt cutter and some so-called livestock panels of wire fencing, can have a more orderly, better-looking, and better-functioning vegetable garden than ever this year. Joe has just such a garden, and offered to help us.
You know Joe Lamp’l as host of the “Growing a Greener World” show on PBS stations and of the Joe Gardener Podcast, but apparently besides being a great gardener, his resume also includes having had a show on the DIY Network for three years. So before all my vining crops and tomatoes are in need of support and other such impeding issues, he’ll help us do some proactive garden organizing, DIY-style.


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