Marshall Miles Interviews Walter McTeigue of McTeigue & McClelland in Great Barrington

McTeigue & McClelland

We buy gold, diamonds, antique and estate jewelry and precious gemstones. We offer expert evaluations, competitive prices, and immediate payment.

Four Generations of Expertise

With a global network of clients and collectors, McTeigue & McClelland is able to pay the highest prices for diamonds and precious jewelry. If you have jewelry that you no longer wear or are considering selling please contact us to arrange for an expert evaluation.

Emphasizing groundbreaking design, exceptional gemstones and superior craftsmanship, the McII collaboration blends Walter McTeigue’s diamond and gemstone expertise with the creativity of his friend the artist and master jeweler Tim McClelland.

Informed both by Walter’s heritage in classic design and traditional craftsmanship and Tim’s fascination with experimenting and innovating, their work is at the same time fresh and timeless. Everything is hand crafted by an exceptionally talented team of gemologists, artisans and craftsmen using traditional old world tools and techniques in their Great Barrington atelier.

Availability is limited.


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