Around the World with Arjun Singh – Wednesday December 4, 2019

Arjun’s stories are life experiences. India is such a rich, complex stew of contradictions, of ancient traditions and cutting-edge modernity, and of gregariousness and sly reserve.

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Arjun’s voice as a teacher is important and authentic because of the unique experience of being of two worlds-the rural Thar Desert and the educated city life of Jaisalmer and Jodhpur, not to mention his travels to Connecticut and New York and Washington. Taken together, the arc of stories paints a clear picture of how India is evolving, especially rural India.

Around the World with Arjun Singh - Wednesday December 4, 2019


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  1. Hi, Arjun Singh, this is Anand Harsha, I used to hear you on robin hood radio. It is great to hear you from all over the the world because I am from jaisalmer but living in jodhpur so I feel good to hear you that you are caring about the puppies in these days and taught your students too about this and the government officers about the awareness. You are doing a great work and you have a great heart, You give new heights to the Jaisalmer,the golden city through robin hood radio. congratulations Keep going…………..Anand Harsha, Asst. Prof. Dept of CS, Aishwarya college of Education, Jodhpur Rajasthan.

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