The Berkshire Edge On-Air – Wednesday December 4, 2019

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1. So-called “vocational” education is making a comeback at Monument Mountain Regional High School, where a “Pathways to the Trades” program is proving popular by putting students into the work environment:

2.  In the wake of anti-Semitic incidents at the Monument Valley Regional Middle School, superintendent Peter Dillon explains new partnerships with local organizations to address the kind of attitudes that result in hate speech but his essay is but one response to an array of intolerant episodes:

3. Meanwhile, down at the track, the community is debating whether to restore horse racing to the Great Barrington Fairgrounds. A town meeting on the topic is scheduled for December 11.

4.  A contaminated site in the heart of downtown Great Barrington is going to cost a bundle to remediate:

5.  And we should alert our listeners to an ongoing work by Carolyn Newberger, entitled ‘Illuminating the Hidden Forest,’ now in Chapter 22, about what she observes in the forest around her Lenox home.

6.  Finally, lots of drivers in the Great Barrington community have been aggravated — and that includes us — about the closure of a crucial bridge across the Housatonic River… the chairman of the town’s master plan commission explains that the bridge upgrades, while frustrating, are plan of an overall effort to maintain the town’s infrastructure:

The Berkshire Edge On-Air – Wednesday December 4, 2019
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