Marshall Miles Interviews Nancy Carey Johnson, “Life is Good: Wit and Wisdom From a Vermont Homesteader”

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Nancy Carey Johnson is an accidental writer. A wife, a mother of four boys, a guitar-playing singer/songwriter, a deli manager, a gardener and hemp farmer, a dog lover, and a baker, her witty and wise observations about life in rural Vermont will by turns crack you up, make you think, and bring a tear to your eye.

A relocated Brooklynite, in these delectable essays Nancy takes us on a tour of her life in Poultney, Vermont. With gentle, sometimes self-deprecating humor she points out the ways every day is filled with treasured moments and joy. She tells how she enjoys simple pleasures, like rising before the sun to drink coffee and tea from a Bright and Early Diner mug that was a gift from Aunt Luce or singing duets with the scarlet cardinal that lives outside her bedroom window. She describes her love of truck stop diners, pickles, household gadgets, and tools of life. Finding cauliflower unexpectedly growing in the garden renews her faith.

Read and savor these wry observations about human nature and rich, albeit random musings on motherhood, moonshine, the nature of forgiveness, midlife, the passage of time, and friendship.


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