A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – May 1, 2023 – Jenks Farmer on Pineapple Lilies

I am crazy about pineapple lilies – bulbs in the genus Eucomis – and though in my Zone 5 garden they aren’t hardy, I can’t imagine a growing season without pots full of them. In his South Carolina garden and the ones he makes for design clients, today’s guest can use them even more lavishly, as perennials, in beds and even meadows.

Eucomis, no matter where you garden, are today’s topic with Jenks Farmer, a longtime horticulturist and garden designer. He is also a writer, with several books to his credit and more to come, and founder of Jenks Farmer, Plantsman, which makes gardens for clients and is also a mail-order nursery specializing in unusual bulbs. 


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