A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – May 29, 2023 – Ken Druse on Primula From Seed

I was remarking to my friend Ken Druse earlier this spring about a garden I’d just visited, and how the stands of primulas in it made me jealous, and crave more more more. But only a few primrose varieties are even sold in local garden centers, and if you really want to create a dramatic swath of the diminutive plants … well, that would add up to quite an investment. 

As I was ranting my text buzzed to alert me there was a message, and there was a photo from Ken of a flat of his just-emerged primula seedlings—hundreds of them, that he’d successfully winter-sown outdoors. All for the price of a couple of seed packets. Learn how he did it and other things you can sow that way.  


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