Ken Druse on Saving and Sowing Seed – A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – September 7, 2020


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Maybe you can feel it where you garden, too. A slight shift in the weather, which combined with shortening days, means summer is loosening its grip. It’s not fall yet. It’s not cleanup time, but what time is it in the garden right now? Ken Druse and I are each under way on projects that are just perfect for this moment, for the in-between time. From sowing biennials, to collecting seed of some annuals, to eradication of enthusiastic groundcovers and more that we want to tell you about.

Author and photographer and old friend, Ken Druse—the guy who was laughing a second ago—joins us again today as he does each month to talk plants, and this time, he wants to tell us what he’s sowing and more. 


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