Marshall Miles Interviews Carol Sadlon, “The Moviehouse” Drive-In Movie at Sharon Playhouse: “Grandma’s Boy” and “The Blacksmith” on Sunday Sept 13 with Musical Guests Donald Sosin & Joanna Seaton

Grandma’s Boy & The Blacksmith: Drive-In Movie Event At The Sharon Playhouse

Get ready for a lot of laughs! 2 silent classics with live accompaniment from musical guests Donald Sosin & Joanna Seaton!

About this Event

Gates Open: 6:00 pm

Introductions 7:15 pm

Movie Begins: 7:45 pm

Space is limited! Get your tickets now to guarantee your spot.

Sharon Playhouse Drive-In COVID 19 Safety Guidelines

Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton are two of the greatest film comedians of all time. Their contributions to the art and history of film are legendary. At this event, in honor of The Moviehouse and its dedication to keeping great films alive, and to celebrate Grandparent’s Day, we present The Blacksmith and Grandma’s Boy.

The Blacksmith (1922)

Cast: Buster Keaton

The Blacksmith is a perfect example of the comedic art Buster Keaton developed while working with Roscoe (Fatty) Arbuckle. It is loaded with carefully developed gags, all involving elements of the blacksmith’s shop, with Keaton testing the nature of reality. Keaton, dubbed “The Great Stone Face” for his ability to remain expressionless while the world crashes around him, co-wrote and co-directed this wild short. Here Buster is an apprentice to a smithy, and we follow him through his workday. In 2013 an Argentinian archivist discovered another version of The Blacksmith including some wonderful missing scenes, which we’ll screen tonight for the first time in this area.

Grandma’s Boy (1922)

Cast: Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davies

Grandma’s Boy was Harold Lloyd’s second feature film. It’s a coming-of-age story, with hapless Harold outwitting bullies and winning the girl of his dreams. It was originally conceived of as a short, but during the shooting, Lloyd and long-time collaborator Hal Roach (Our Gang, Laurel and Hardy), insisted on developing his character, moving beyond pure gags and telling a real story. Five reels and $100,000 later, the film was ready to preview as a full feature. The story centers on Sonny, a flighty young boy who is required to join the men in his small town on a manhunt for a murderer. Totally frightened by the prospect of finding the killer, Sonny heads for the safety of his grandmother’s home, and ultimately, Grandma knows best.

Donald Sosin and Joanna Seaton are among the world’s foremost silent film musicians, bringing their unique blend of keyboards, vocals and percussion to major film festivals—New York, Telluride, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, TriBeCa, Denver—and to MoMA, MOMI, BAM, MFA Boston, the Berlin Filmmuseum, and Moscow’s prestigious Lumière Gallery. Other venues include the Yorkshire Silent Film Festival, Asia’s largest film and music festival in Jecheon, South Korea, the Thailand Silent Film Festival in Bangkok, the University of Calgary, and the Banff Center. They appear frequently at Yale, Brown, and Emory Universities, and the National Gallery of Art. Commissions include two songs for the Chicago Symphony Chorus. Learn more


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